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Richard is a seasoned musician and has performed for many years at Organ Societies in all parts of the country.

He is also a regular entertainer at many private functions and weddings.

He started playing the piano at a very early age because his grandfather was a church organist near Rotherham and had both piano and an 'American Organ' in his house.  Richard had piano lessons as a boy and graduated to Electronic Organ over 30 years ago when his father gave him an old Farfisa Balmoral.

He currently plays a Yamaha EL90 which allows Richard to fully demonstrate a great many wonderful sounds.  There are Pianos, Orchestras, Strings and Guitars through to Theatre Organs and Pipe Organ.  There's even a Banjo/Ukelele Band and Marching Band as part of Richard's current concert programme.

His concerts consist of a huge variety of well-known music from Beatles to Bach and Handel to (H)Andrew Lloyd Webber and lots and lots more.

Richard was born in Hamburg in Germany in 1950 where his father was an air traffic controller.  He spent the first five years of his life there before his parents moved back to their native Yorkshire.

He has been married to Janet for nearly 40 years and they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren and they currently live in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire.